Monday, 17 April 2017

... to come die on the cross for us? Folks here it is - The Worship Intern's first ever Easter post.

I love Jesus - I think we all know that by now. But for real, He's incredible. He just honestly keeps surprising me. Firstly, He died on the cross for us while we were still sinners and didn't deserve it whatsoever. Secondly, He rose again?! I don't know about you but that seems impossible yet He did it. He continues to bless and guide us. He set us free - we are no longer slaves to fear.

This year, Easter was something special. There was something different about it. Growing up in a Christian home, I've experienced a lot of Easter services so I thought I knew it all - but here's the thing about God - there's always so much more to learn.

I think most of us know the story of Easter, and if we don't know the full story, we definitely know the jist of it - Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins and then rose from the dead 3 days later. Classic, simple, can't forget it. But there's so much more to it that I've heard year after year but it's only really stuck out to me this year.

We were there. You and I were both there when Jesus said His final words on the cross. We were both there as they beat Him and mocked Him. We were there.

You're probably thinking, "What do you mean we were there? I wasn't alive back then, I don't remember witnessing any of this!"

Correct. We didn't witness it with our own eyes, but we were there. We were in His heart - we were the reason He was dying in the first place. He loved us so much, He stepped down from His throne and gave up His life just so we could live. He rose again and ascended into Heaven to prepare our home. He's alive, He's alive, He's alive - and His love is very real.

We can't let fear hold us back now. Christ gives us strength and the resurrection changes everything. We shouldn't feel the need to live in fear when Christ did what He did. He died to give us life and I don't know about you, but I no longer want to live my life in fear knowing that Christ set me free.

I simply can't put into words how much this Easter meant to me. I finally found my role in the crucifixion. I'll never know the pain and suffering Jesus went through but I can feel His love. I see His love every single day. I see it when I first open my eyes in the morning because it's a blessing I'm still alive. I see it through the people God has placed in my life because they wouldn't be there without Him. I see it through the way I have a roof over my head and plenty of food to eat.

Guys, the Trinity is incredible. I'll never have the words to express how grateful I am that God continues to bless me even though I feel like I don't deserve it.

"Jesus said to her,
'I am the resurrection and the life. 
Whoever believes in me, though he die,
yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me 
shall never die. 
Do you believe this?'"
- John 11:25-26

Do you believe that? Do you believe that we can now live without fear because our Saviour is alive in us today? Through Christ we have life - what more could you ask for? 

Thank you Jesus, You set me free.
Thank you God, You robbed the grave. 
Thank you Holy Spirit, You're constantly with us.

What other King leaves His glory to die for His people? My redeemer - that's who. 

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